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With over 25 years of experience in steel processing and distribution, Permsin Steel Works Public Company Limited (PERM) has become one of Thailand’s steel industry leaders. We are expertise in steel processing and manufacturing of metal sheet roofing products.

Profile & History

With over 25 years of experience in steel processing and distribution, Permsin Steel Works Public Company Limited (PERM) has become one of Thailand’s steel industry leaders.
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Trade Mark

Siamcolor Limited has developed products and services. To meet the needs of all our customers, we have created the three brands to increase brand awareness and the value added to the product, under the quality of company.
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Management Team

We are ready to do everything to make the company successful. Offering a great experience and satisfaction to our customers.
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Cold rolled steel is a mill product produced from a hot-rolled pickled coil that has experienced substantial cold reduction at room temperature.
By taking a dip in a galvanized iron dissolved. For components where the anti-rust. Galvanized iron (GI) is a cold-rolled steel.
Hot rolled steel is the carbon steel sheet which produced by hot rolling process that normally starts from semi-finished casting products
Produced by coating steel. Aluminum - zinc alloy containing aluminum, silicon, 1.5% and 55% zinc. Steel, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy
By using electrodes dipped in thickness. To make electrons move Island great-great-great-grandchild of zinc metal surface.
The coating layer on the steel or galvanized. Steel- plated aluminum - zinc alloy. The durable and beautiful.

SUNTECH Metal Sheet


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Our Services

Warehouse space, over 10,000 square meters with modern tram system, material transfer fast and free from damage and other transport equipment. The most advanced Raw material reserves of iron in quantities sufficient to meet the needs of consumers, and not run out without waiting for imported. No customs procedures.


Made in Japan, rotary sherry line, capable of shearing a maximum of 5 feet in width, at the highest speed of 60 meters/min. Servo system control

Slitter Line

The newest Slitter Japan, delivers the highest the highest precision in slitting quality. It is capable of slitting cold rolled steel and all types of coated steel.


All finish product of Permsin Steel Works will be inspected, tightly packed, and clearly labelled. We pay highest attention to the product to avoid any damage during procedure


SUNTECH Cooling Roof sheets will be packed in bundles to the height of about 1.20 to 1.60 meters.The transports truck would be equipped with poles to prevent falling or tilting of sheets.


PERM is committed to fully provide services for your growing industries. We have the largest warehouse and year-round stock of high-graded local and imported steel coils. Our experienced engineers supervise and monitor every detail, from pre-production planning through final product inspection.
Why SUNTECH COOLING ROOF METAL SHEET roof with insulation PU FOAM ready to prove the success of the great results. We are trusted for performance for over 10 years.
Natural curved roofing sheets (SPRUNG CURVED ROOFING) is curved roofing sheets. Derived from the plate bending towards the structure. Without a pump curve. Roofing sheets pump curve (CRIMP CURVED ROOFING) is curved roofing sheets.

Work With Us

Qualification Above Bachelor in any field, Male/ Female. EXP 5+
Qualification Higher Vocational Above, Able to use Auto CAD

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Permsin Steel Work PCL

Head Office
4, 95-96 Moo6, Rama 2 Road, Tambol Khot Kham, Amphoe Mueang Samutsakorn, Samutsakorn Province 74000

Telephone: (034) 825-090-100
FAX: (034) 825-078, (034) 825-081
   Hot Line: 06-2709-9077